Sign Sizes

We can change the size of the signs to suit your requirements, however small signs impose limitations on the amount of detail included.


Our range of fonts is huge, however it is essential that signs are easy to read and the five we have listed fit this requirement, other fonts may by used by request. The fonts listed are generally produced in three sizes to fit our signs however they may vary slightly. Font sizes are generally 40mm, 60mm and 90mm high. More larger sizes are easily attained. The larger the font size the better the outcome of the sign. The number of letters for each sign can easily be changed however as a guide we have provided the maximum number of 90mm letters which will fit on to each particular sign. If the amount of writing you request exceeds the space available we will contact you.


A massive range of images is included in our portfolio including over 500 dogs, 160 horses, many cows, cats, aquatic animals, birds, people, foliage, vehicles etc. We can also use pictures supplied by you to create projects unique to you.

Types of Metal

Mild Steel, Corten , Aluminium and Checker Plate are all available for use however we generally use 2mm mild steel for our work, different thicknesses can by used by request.


A variety of finishes are available including: Rust finish on raw mild steel creating its own individual colouring over time; Rust finish on Corten Steel which produces a more uniform colour and creates it’s own protective coating; Painted finish with specialized metal paint which is triple coated. Gold and Darkening patinas coated with a UV and corrosive inhibiting clear lacquer, each piece is different than the next as patinas create a chemical reaction so are not as controllable as paint. Copper Sulphate patina sealed with an automotive clear lacquer, once again each piece is different than the next as the Copper Sulphate reacts with the metal to create interesting hues. Powder coating may be arranged by request.

Custom Designs

Your ideas can be emailed to us and a basic estimate of that sign or metal art will be given. A digital image will be sent for proofing by you and if accepted a deposit of ½ the quoted price is required prior to completing the article.


Pricing for a custom designed sign is determined by size, thickness and or type of metal and the amount of detail required. Pricing for standard signs listed here include costs for wording as stated on each item. Should extra lettering be required we will contact you with a final price.


Payment must be complete before an order will be processed and delivered. Payment options are currently :

  • Paypal an easy, reliable and secure service.
  • Direct Deposit into our account Australian cheque or money order.
  • Cash.

We endeavour to deliver standard items within 10 days however custom made signs can take up to four weeks. Australia Post is used for most items however once a piece exceeds their limitations a courier will be engaged or collection by you may be arranged.

Charges for Postage and handling by Australia Post are:

Item value
$50.01 – $100.00
$100.01 – $150.00
$150.00 and over