Welcome to Black Range Silhouettes

All items listed are designed and created at our charming property in the forested hills on the outskirts of Alexandra, Victoria.

Our surroundings provide the inspiration to produce metal artwork which will bring a touch of country into any home.

We use state of the art metal working equipment and offer a number of different finishes including patinas imported from the USA and others created on our own property.

The patinas used to colour the metal are an acid which reacts with the steel to produce unique hues without hiding the polished steel beneath. No two pieces produced are exactly the same.

Once the patina has been applied, the metal is then sealed with a UV and corrosive inhibiting clear lacquer.

Rusty pieces are very popular and the colour will continue to transform in your garden for years.

Satin Black finish, at right, creates sharper lines for a more defined look, a frequently used finish for worded property signs.

Several standard designs are available or we are happy to fabricate your own unique project using your pictures or photos. Prices for custom pieces start at $180.

Our trophy collection consists of pieces of art in themselves and motivates people to complete just to win these prizes. We can create a trophy for any theme, prices are subject to quantity ordered, so feel free to discuss your options.

If you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us by email or phone.